Wike saves N110 billion as FCT minister, to complete VP’s residence


By Abdullahi Muhammad, Abuja

Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Brr. Nyesom Wike Tuesday, disclosed that he saved N110 billion for the administration in three months. 

Wike, who revealed this at a high-level meeting with estate developers in Abuja, 
also lamented over the rate at which fake Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) are given through land process and bad eggs in the administration also added that N5 billion will be paid to acquire a C of O.

The Minister further disclosed that he will seek the permission of President Bola Tinubu to add National Identification Number (NIN) to any C of O that would be given by his administration.

Wike said it will not be business as usual, where three or more poeple will be allocated the same plot of land with fake C of O.

He also faulted the payment of N8.9 billion as monthly salary FCTA, FCDA workers. 

The developers on their part pleaded with the Minister to reduce the N5 million payment for C of O.

After intensive appeal by the developers, the minister said the payment can be made within four months after which the C of O can be handed over to the applicant. 

He said: 
“I have saved N110 billion for FCTA since my assumption of officer three months ago.
Allocation of lands to three more persons will no longer be allowed. C of O enables you to do business. 
When we take the right decision some poeple will be happy some will not. We are ready for such fight. 
When I was governor of Rivers State, 3 C of Os were given by FCT on my land and we later discovered that the C of Os given to us where fack after we have paid N57 million for the lands.

“I will seek president permission to link any C of O to NIN number. The rich men will kick against it but anything that will help our people must be done.

“Support this moves. You will attest to the fact that there are changes. How will you feel that at the end of the day you have a C of O but it is fake. Over 10 years some poeple have not paid now the 5 million lookes big for them

“Do you known that FCTA workers salary is N8. 9 billion monthly. I was shocked about this. The 2024 nation budget of FCT is N17 billion.

“We are trying to provide a city that is to be proud of. We have considered that we will spread it by four months to pay the N5 million. 

…to complete V.P’s residence

Minister of the Federal Capital Territory(FCT), Barr. Nyesom Wike has pledged to make fund available for the completion of the hitherto abandoned construction of official residece of the Vice President before May 29th 2024.

The Minister who made this known while on inspection of the project being handled by Messrs Julius Berger in Abuja on Tuesday. 

Wike who was acompanied by some key officials of FCT Administration praised the construction giant for displaying strong commitment towards the completion of the project by mobilizing to site without been mobilized. 

He therefore pledged to make funds available before December for the completion of the project having got the approval of the president and the vice president. 

According to him: ” When we came here last time, bushy it was, and you made a promised to us that you will be a able to complete this project in the next eight months, even though we have not moblized you, I do know that you have confidence in us, let me assure you that we will mobilise you before December God willing. 

” Then, you have to expedite to see that this is completed before May 29th 2024. I believe you have that capacity, I believe you don’t need to wait, you know I will not make a promise I will not fulfilled, as far as I have gotten the support of Mr President and the Vice President, I can tell you to go . 

” Put everything you have so that we can achieved this, so that all these stories about abandoned projects will be a thing of the past. The man power seen shows that you are really serious, so, just go ahead, you are going to be mobilized. 

The Executive Secretary, Federal Capital Development Authority, FCDA, Engr. Sheu Hadi while speaking, disclosed that the project site has been captured in the original Abuja master plan. 

” The original master plan of Abuja provides this site as official resident of the vice president,”he said. 

While giving the over view of the facility, the Director of Public Building, FCDA, Arch. Adebowale Ademo: ” Right behind us is the main building, explained to to the Minister details of the building and it progress adding it was in 2010.

Showing commitment to the completion of the project, the representative of Merrs Julius Berger Mr. Oliver Berger explained that it has so far cleared all the bush in the area including cleaning of Inside of the building. 

” We have already mobized our team, facilities are here, the next step is to order all the equipments required and the finishing products build up, since scheduled is been very tight, so far we are thankul for giving us this opportunity to finalise.”