Minimum Wage: NLC raises negotiation team, lists conditions

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has assembled a team to negotiate with the government in light of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's declaration in his New Year's address that his administration will enact a "national living wage" this year. The current minimum wage, which was agreed upon in 2018, will run out in April 2024. The duration of each agreed-upon minimum salary is five years. As a result, the present national minimum wage's lifespan is almost up. "The economic aspirations and the material well-being of the poor, the most vulnerable, and the working people shall not be neglected," Tinubu stated in the speech. “It is in this spirit that we are going to implement a new national living...

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How retired general, others were killed in recent Jos attack

The most recent attacks in Jos, which left many dead, were just one more in a long line of brutal battles that Plateau State has struggled to resolve. With roughly 54 distinct ethnic groups, the state is composed of Muslim Hausa/Fulani, whom the Christian groups generally view as "settlers" and "usurpers," and Christian groups such as Afizere, Anaguta, Berom, Irigwe, Ngas, Tarok, and Ywom. Conflicts between these diverse tribes, which were sparked by political positions and religious beliefs, frequently involved misinformation, information manipulation, and fights for self-determination, control over land resources, and chieftaincy matters. As the arid lands across northern Nigeria, as is in most parts of northern Africa, continue to...

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