NLC strike: JUAC shuts FCT minister’s gate


…asks FG to meet labour demands…

Abdullahi Muhammad, Abuja

As the organized labour strike action gains more momentum the FCTA/ FCDA Labour, the Joint Union Action Committee, JUAC also gathered forces to shut the main gate of Administration popularly known as the Minister’s gate thereby stopping the workers from gaining entrance.

Workers whom were sited roaming around the gate while Labour leaders enforced compliance of “no entry, no going out.”

The chairman JUAC Comrade Matinlukoro Korede, disclosed that the action will continue till their demands were met. 

Matinlukuro called on President Tinubu to cut short his trip and return to Nigeria and do the needful. 

Top on their demand is that government must condemn the brutalisation of their leader, the NLC President, Joe Ajaero in IMO State and the perpetrators prosecuted. 

Korede said the fuel subsidy removal 
Has caused pain and that President Tinubu must return and re strategise. 

“We are still singing the same song, meet Labours demand. 
The brutalisation of the NLC President should be condemned in its entirely and the culprits be arrested and prosecuted, particularly the Police officers involved and other individuals”, he said

According to him, the second reason for the strike is the hardship occasioned by the fuel subsidy removal and that government should re strategise. 

“The hardship in the land has become unbearable, the fuel price hike is uncalled for. Right now Nigerians are in pain. They are paying someone N30, 000 as a minimum wage and he is going to spend between N60, 000 to N70, 000 for transportation only from where he lives to the office, how does he survive? The mathematics is no longer adding up.”

Korede called on the federal government to re strategise. “They need to look at it from another angle. 

“We believe in Nigeria, we believe in the government of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Here in the FCT, we believe in our own minister but we are not going to keep quiet, here we will ensure that the gate remain under lock and key. I know our other colleagues across the country are doing the same. We will not stop till the federal government sees reasons to act otherwise. 

“The president is not in the country, if we are important to him he should cut short his trip and return home, he is out there because Nigerians voted for him to be President; your house cannot be on fire and you are comfortable some where. The president should return and do the needful, he shouldn’t make us regret our voting him.