List of foreigners killed in Hamas invasion of Israel


Foreigners were killed in last week’s attack by Hamas on Israel, which left more than 1,300 people dead.

The AFP news agency compiled a list of more than 100 foreigners who have been confirmed dead, missing, or taken hostage based on information from their national authorities.

Many more are unaccounted for:

US: 27 dead

Thailand: 24 dead

France: 15 dead

Nepal: 10 dead

Argentina: Seven dead

Ukraine: Seven dead

Russia: Four dead

UK: Four dead

Chile: Four dead

Austria: Three dead

Belarus: Three dead

Canada: Three dead

China: Three dead

Philippines: Three dead

Brazil: Three dead

Peru: Two dead

Romania: Two dead

Australia, Azerbaijan, Cambodia, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Colombia, Paraguay: One dead

Germany, Mexico: Several hostages taken

Italy, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Tanzania: Several missing