Group express opinion on Acting NIS CG


By Isah Hussein.

Almost 5 months after the appointment of Wura-Ola Caroline Adepoju as the Acting Comptroller General of the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS), fresh facts has emerged concerning her status as a staff of the service.

Recall that earlier, on June 1st, 2023, the federal government through the Civil Defense, Correctional, Fire and Immigration service board, appointed Adepoju, former deputy comptroller general of the NIS as the new acting comptroller general of the service, replacing Isah Jere whose tenure expired on May 29.

However, according to a source in the service, the acting CG, Wura-Ola Caroline Adepoju is not eligible to have being appointed into the position of head of the service as she is no longer deemed a staff of the immigration service because she was due for retirement in the very month she got confirmation as head of the service.

While her appointment was greeted with enthusiasm and applause from some sections of the populace particularly, a Yoruba socio-political group called the Yoruba Heritage Group, who saw the appointment as a means of balancing the perceived marginalization of the Yoruba in the service.
The group’s president, Segun Adesemoye reacting to the appointment earlier in the year, shortly after Adepoju’s confirmation, expressed satisfaction with the appointment noting that It is record-breaking and symbolic that the appointment happened on the President’s first day in office.
Adesemoye remarked that; “This is a pointer to greater things to come; we thank the President for his courage and selflessness.”

“Adepoju’s ascent to the role of Acting CG, Adesemoye continued, marks a significant departure from the norm, as she is not only the first Yoruba person but also the first Yoruba woman to hold this prestigious position. Her appointment, coming at a time when Nigeria is in dire need of healing and national restoration, is seen as a harbinger of positive change.

The Yoruba Heritage Group firmly believes that Adepoju’s leadership will bring about a fresh perspective and vigor to the NIS, he concluded.

However, the elation surrounding Adepoju’s appointment is accompanied by a sense of wariness as the present Acting CG, whose tenure rounded off on May 31, 2023, has a finite window to leave a lasting impact on the NIS.

It is in this context that some individuals and groups have come forward to celebrate this historic development while also urging the current administration not to tolerate impunity by allowing officials of government establishments perpetuate themselves in office when they are supposed to exit office and give way for others next in line.

It is hence in line with the above concerns that these groups of individual are calling on the President to as a matter of urgency, appoint a new substantiated comptroller general for the immigration as any further delay will be seen as support for and promotion of illegality and the culture of impunity.


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