“He doesn’t trust him” – reactions as Minister Nyesom Wike flaunts his cooking skills as former speaker Gbajabiamila watches


A video of FCT Minister Nyesom Wike making the rounds on social media platforms has sparked several reactions.

In the viral video, Nyesom Wike, the former Governor of Rivers State, demonstrates to all and sundry that he is more than just a politician by demonstrating his culinary skills in the kitchen.

Nyesom expertly displayed his culinary skills, leaving the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, drooling.

Nyesom Wike has left the entire kitchen smelling of his cooking, and Femi Ghabajabiala, the now Chief of Staff to the President of Nigeria, can’t believe his eyes any longer.

The video shows that FCT minister Nyesom Wike decided to cook for his friends as he enjoys the public holiday with them.

Watch the video below.

Reacting to the post:

thefemidaniel: The moral of the story is: As you grow and become successful, pray that your friends become successful too, so y’all can enjoy life as you age.

chukzwrld: Femi no too trust Wike he joined him in the kitchen, kai! politics & trust issues.

iam_kelvinossai: Make money ooh. So that when you do normal things that you’re meant to do for yourself, people will gather and be filming you .

masalati47:  Dem go don budget 200 billion for that pot.

drealhector_:  Wike know politics, hate him all you want but baba know how to play the game, if atiku win now e go still cook for am too.

massive.graphicz: The man on white get trust issues…. Make Dem no go poor powder inside food for am😂.