Shot by criminals, ASP irobo loses arm to amputation, fights for life amid N1.2Million hospital bill


A police officer in the Isiokolo division in Delta State Police Command who was part of a team attacked by a criminal gang is currently in a bad condition and a state of despair after his left arm was amputated.

ASP Obasanya Samuel, ASP Robinson Irobo and PC Chukwudi Abanu were the officers who were attacked.

The attack which occurred around 8 pm at Isiokolo on August 24, 2023, claimed the life of Obasanya but left Irobo critically injured.

The officers were on a stop-and-search operation at the front of the police station when they were attacked.


They were about to round off their operation when they were attacked by the criminal gang with AK-47 rifles, leaving ASP Obasanya dead.

His rifle was also stolen by the hoodlums while Irobo managed to escape into the police station after being shot in the left arm.

A constable who was part of the police team was said to have escaped into a nearby bush.

Findings revealed that ASP Irobo, who was rushed to a nearby private hospital for immediate medical treatment, lost up to four pints of blood and has since been in a critical condition.

His left arm was subsequently amputated with a medical bill of over N1.2 million incurred at the hospital.

A source who narrated how ASP Irobo was rushed to the hospital in a critical condition, said, “He was rushed to the hospital almost lifeless after losing lots of blood, so the hospital swung into action without following normal protocol, simply to save his life.

“He was given four pints of blood and other treatments. The gunshot shattered his left arm and caused serious damage. So, he lost a lot of blood.

“The only remedy available was to amputate his left arm where he was shot. Irobo has been in the care of the hospital since August 24 when the incident occurred and he currently has a bill of over N1.2 million to pay.”

“Of course, his condition is quite terrible and how to pay the hospital bill has remained a nightmare to his family. He has been surviving at the hospital by the generosity of well-wishers since the ugly event took place,” the source added.

It was learned that the gunmen who attacked them were on a gun-snatching mission.

“They attacked the three police officers who were on a routine stop-and-search operation at the front of the Isiokolo police station around 8:00 pm when they were about to close.

“ASP Obasanya who was with the rifle was unlucky. He was gunned down and he died on the spot. His rifle was taken while ASP Irobo was also shot in the left arm but managed to escape into the police station with the smoke pistol that was in his possession,” the source added.