Days after her ex-Husband Chikere remarries, Nuella ties the knot [Video]


Nuella Njubigbo, a Nollywood actress, has reportedly married, just days after her ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere, marries for the third time.

In a viral video, the stunning actress is seen signing her marriage certificate with her husband, the identity of whom is still unknown.

Nuella Njubigbo is surrounded by close friends at the registry, where her marriage to a mysterious lover is apparently taking place.

Although Nuella Njubigbo has yet to confirm or speak publicly about her marriage, congratulations have already poured in for her.

Recall that a few days ago, news broke out on the internet that Nuella Njubigbo’s ex-husband, Tchidi Chikere, tied the knot for the third time.

Amid reports of drama with his second ex-wife, Nuella, Tchidi shared screenshots of their private chat to show the cordial relationship they share.

In the shared chats, Nuella reached out to him over their daughter’s health, and the latter spoke about a laptop delivery for their daughter, Adachi.

Tchidi Chikere stated that he shared the chats to prove that he maintains a cordial relationship with his ex-wife amid their messy divorce.

“I guess to some Nigerian women and some ken. A breakup means enmity. For me…it is not so. Life ain’t that hard”.

“So, I’m done talking about my remarriage and the state of my last relationships. Just wanted to let my friends and fans know. Blessings! Ciao. Let me go n face, my wife”.