“Why I married an older woman” Actor Artus Frank kicks as he sternly warns age-shamers


Nollywood actor, Artus Frank has issued a warning to those age-shaming his wife.

It is no longer news that the light-skinned movie star is married to a woman who is yeas older than him.

However, Artus Frank doesn’t seem to care about his woman’s age as he is in love with her.

Issuing a warning to age-shamers, the on screen actor told them to leave his wife’s name out of their mouths.

According to him, he married his woman because he is pleased with her, without paying looks to her age.

“Leave my wife name out of your mouths!
I did not marry AGE!
I married a WOMAN in whom I am well pleased with”.

These days more and more celebrities seems to be going for love and ignoring age.

From Peter Okoye to Anita Joseph, Darey Art-Alade and more; age no longer matters as love lives.

Artus Frank isn’t the only one who has addressed age-shamers.