Nigerians dying before their death, by Ahmed S. Adoke


The past few weeks have ushered in myriads of horrifying trials and tribulations among Nigerians. From the new normal of insecurity across the country, to fuel scarcity, incessant power outages, economic faux-pax, Naira Notes redesign, and the recently conducted electoral ignominy, it is indeed evident that Nigerians are survivours of man-made tragedies called bad leadership!

Critical analysis of the present conditions of an average Nigerian is piteous and sympathetic in view of the hardship caused by fuel scarcity and change of Naira notes. 

The resultant consequences of such terrible policy has turned an average Nigerian into unwitting beggar(s) at all levels of social sphere. Those of us who care and go around, mingle with the downtrodden shed tears, sometime overtly or covertly because of the dehumanizing manner the rich treats the poor who have become victims too.

As a result of the ignoble naira shortage and CBN’s disastrous policy, last Friday, 10th of March 2023, a groom had to pay the brideprice of Twenty-five thousand naira only for his about-to-be wife through bank transfer. Few months before now, such an action would have been seen as insulting by the family of the bride.

Such experiences are red flags to our religions and traditions as a people. The deliberate impoverishment of Nigerians by those in the corridors of political power has been unimaginably deploring, unholy and against all dictates of the holy books.

Our poorly paid security agents are not helpful in the present unpredictable condition of Nigerians. The poor always prays for those dehumanizing them, instead of of frowning at those oppressing and suppressing their smile. Most Nigerians are suffering and smiling as Fela sang in one of his many visionary songs 40 years ago.

Ethnically induced hatreds among Nigerians persists since the misadventure of the tribally bias coup of 1966. This unforgiving spirit of ours radiates in our daily relationships and consequently affects the downtrodden.

The inaction of President Muhammadu Buhari and the Central Bank’s Governor, Emefiele about the supreme Court judgement for the continued dual usae of the old and new naira notes has not helped matters.

Sadly as it is, the so-called cashless policy is supposed to be no respecter of the average Nigerian haves or have nots. However, the same policy makers and law enforcement agencies have admitted to ‘siezing’ millions of New Naira notes, yet nobody is named to be owners of such money, neither is anyone prosecuted. 

It is not hate speech to say President Buhari has not kept his promise of keeping/obeying law and order. If President Buhari does not care a bit about the “silent dying before death” of Nigerians, and continues to flagrantly disobey supreme court orders on the use of of old Naira notes, what then, is the fate of the downtrodden?