Breaking: North Korea fire ballistic missile towards Japan


North Korea has fired two ballistic missiles towards Japan in what is a record year for launches by Kim Jong-un’s regime.

The launches marked the 35th day this year that North Korea has conducted a missile test and they come as the regime ramps up its nuclear weapons programme.

The Japanese officials said the two missiles fell in the waters between the Korean Peninsula and Japan and that no damage to ships or human injuries have been reported.

Japanese Vice Defence Minister Toshiro Ino said the missiles flew a 310 miles at a maximum altitude 340 miles.

He criticised North Korea for threatening the safety of Japan, the region and the international community.

South Korea’s military identified the rockets as MRBMs – mid-range ballistic missiles.Advertisement

It branded the launches “a serious provocation that harms peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula as well as the international community”.

The North’s missile launch comes just days after the country tested a high-thrust solid-fuel engine that experts said would allow quicker and more mobile launch of ballistic missiles.

The test was personally overseen by leader Kim Jong-un at a launching ground which has been used to test missile technologies, including rocket engines and space launch vehicles.

It comes as Kim appeared with his 12-year-old daughter, fuelling speculation she could one day replace him as the hermit kingdom’s tyrannical ruler.