Why Boko Haram, ISWAP, Bandits Will Terrorise Nigerians Beyond 2023— Report


A report by the Sementix Global Concept has revealed insurgency and banditry will not end in Nigeria anytime soon.

According to the report, the insecurity challenge in Nigeria will extend beyond the 2023 presidential elections as against the expectation of many people.

The report which highlighted four reasons for the extension of insecurity in the country noted that there were only about 300, 000 security personnel saddled with the protection of over 200 million people.

This, it said, is inadequate, particularly with the peculiarities of the security challenges in the country.

It further noted that time is running out for President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration to combat insecurity with the fast-approaching 2023 elections. However, it noted that the administration is more interested in keeping the All Progressives Party (APC) in power than focusing on the insecurity challenges confronting the country.

The report also highlighted the non-involvement of religious leaders in the fight against insecurity as a major challenge.

It reads, “End of the Buhari’s administration and election year. The combination of two factors is working against Buhari’s administration’s resolve to end all insurgency in its time.

“Time is fast running out on the government as it has less than a year to leave. Then it is also preparing for elections and trying to ensure that its party, the APC remains in power.

“Inadequate security personnel: the combined Nigerian military forces are put at 200,000 to 300,000 men and women. This number is inadequate to defend a nation of 200 million people, particularly in the face of the increased activities and number of insurgents

“Compared to Nigeria, Egypt has 920,000 military personnel, defending a population of 104,898,490 people.

“Inability to attack all insurgents and bandits in one swoop: Security experts insist that the location of all insurgents is known, the problem is how to get to them in one great attack.

“They say that if the Nigerian forces have the number to mount an all front massive attack on the insurgence, the war will be over in a matter of weeks. The issue now is how to get the personnel required.

“Non-involvement of religious leaders in direct solutions: Nigeria has a lot of religious leaders and many of them have attributed the insurgency and banditry problem to the many sins of the people and calling for repentance and seeking forgiveness from God.

“However, the government is yet to declare a National Day of Prayer or a national three days fasting or such type of activity. And according to the religious leaders getting such endorsement from the government is important as it will encourage citizens to be more committed to their worship.”

Also, the report noted that there are fears of more terrorist attacks on Kaduna train station with two such incidents occurring in the state within the week.

Bandits have been on the prowl terrorising residents of Kaduna state for months. They recently launched an attack on the Kagoro community, killing over 30 persons, burning houses, and kidnapping scores of people.

They attacked Giwa Local Government Area of the state, attacked nine villages, killed over 50, burnt houses, and a church and kidnapped scores of residents.

Less than 24 hours later, they unleashed mayhem at Kaduna International Airport, killed a security guard, and delayed aircraft from taking off. And on Monday night, they attacked an Abuja-Kaduna train with over 300 passengers on board. 

The terrorists on Tuesday launched an attack on the Abuja-Kaduna, Yankara-Tsafe roads.