Gov Yahaya Bello a local champion- YPP presidential aspirant


A presidential aspirant on the platform of Young Progressives Party (YPP), Malik Ado-Ibrahim, on Thursday, descended on Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, describing him as a “local champion.”

Ado-Ibrahim, who is the second son of the Ohinoyi of Ebira Land, said only those who are satisfied with the performance of Bello will support his presidential bid.

The aspirant who hails from the same local government with Governor Bello, made the remarks in Abuja, while addressing newsmen.

He said: “If you vote for a party that has failed you in the next election, you are dumb. There is no school, no healthcare, no security and you still go back to the same source, you don’t deserve to call yourselves Nigerians.

“What we need now is somebody, not a party. We need a visionary, not a symbol. I didn’t come here carrying an umbrella or a broom. I am a proud Nigerian. Nigeria is my problem, it is your problem, it is for every single person standing up.

“If you keep going after the party structure, even if they structure, look into the hearts and minds of the people you want to lead. Do they represent you? Your president is a reflection of your country.

“We have to ask one question- what have we done? Then if he can’t answer that question, ask, what will you do? A visionary says what he will do. I’m not asking you people to vote for YPP.

“I really pray that Nigerians look at the visions of the next president of the federal republic of Nigeria and what he is willing to do. We don’t want frail leaders. I want to see a president that will roll up their sleeves and fight for you, fight for greatness.

“If I meet Yahaya Bello, I’d tell him I want to run. I don’t have anything against him. He is a local spotlight. I’m international. What Nigeria needs is a person with a vision. I can tell you my state is poor but I’m not going to fight him at that level, I’m not there to criticise him at that level .”


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