2023: Female aspirant wants Nigerians to vote SDP


Women are ready for the highest political office in the country, without fear or hindrance. This was made known today by a Presidential hopeful on the platform of the
Social Democratic Party, SDP, Cesnabmihilo Dorothy Nuhu-Aken’ova.

Nuhu-Aken’ova, an international consultant opined that the SDP has all that it takes to defeat the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC in a free and fair election come 2023.

Speaking in Ibadan after her visit to the SDP Party Secretariat, she said the manifesto of SDP places the party well ahead of others in the country and called on Nigerians to give the party a chance by voting it’s candidates in the forthcoming elections.

She said being a female must not be a barrier to rule Nigeria as she is ready to conquer all the obstacles and become president of the country.

She said: “The chances are very high. Nobody would have given All Progressives Congress, APC, against Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, a chance. Miracles happen all the time. Now that we are more aware, we are better educated, we know better what we want.

“This is the time for us to come together and there is a lot of work that is ongoing to make sure that SDP unseats the ruling party. We need new people to come on board and join us to run things better.

“We were robbed of a great opportunity in 1993 general elections. This is the time for the country to show that was a mistake and it is time to give the SDP a chance to make things work in Nigeria.

“My visit to the party office today is symbolic. I’m ready to make a statement in the 2023 presidential election. Let’s give women a chance to play their part in politics,