Russia vs Ukraine: Almost 400 Babies Born In Kiev Since Start Of War – Ukrainian Mayor Reveals


Vitali Klitschko, the Mayor of Kiev city, says almost 400 children have been born in the Ukrainian capital, since Russia’s invasion of the country last week Thursday.

The Deutsche Presse-Agentur and the News Agency of Nigeria quoted him as saying, “199 boys and 191 girls.”

Meanwhile, the Mayor had paid visit to an underground station used as an air raid shelter.
Russian troops have continued their advances on Kiev, according to the Ukrainian army, which said that the Russians were focusing on “encircling’’ the capital of three million people.

“The night in the capital has been quiet. Several times air defence was activated,’’ said Klitschko.
He said even though the city is in a state of war, cars were running and grocery shops and the majority of municipal pharmacies were up and running.

The mayor called on owners of private pharmacies to open. “This is very important. Kiev residents were waiting in line for hours outside municipal pharmacies to buy drugs,” he said.

At the same time, Klitschko called on citizens to stay inside as much as possible.
“Don’t ignore the air alert. Proceed to the air raid shelters immediately,’’ he stressed.
According to Klitschko, the city has continued to prepare to defend itself.

“There are more checkpoints, concrete blocks, tank barriers,’’ Mr Klitschko said, adding that Kiev would not be abandoned.

Russian invasion of Ukraine has created a refugee exodus and turned Russia into a global pariah in the worlds of finance, diplomacy and sports.

The UN has opened a probe into alleged war crimes, as the Russian military bombards cities in Ukraine with shells and missiles, forcing civilians to cower in basement.