FCT-DOAS hits N1.7b revenue in three years


By Muhammad Abdullahi, Abuja

The Federal Capital Territory Administration Department of Outdoor Advertisement and Signage (FCT-DOAS), said it has generated the sum of one billion, one hundred and seventy five million naira (1,175,000,000.00) in the last three years.

Director of DOAS, Dr. Babagana Adams disclosed this while reeling out activities of the department to journalists on Wednesday in Abuja.

He said with the challenge of COVID-19, the department from May 2019 to December when he took over, realized the revenue that it could not generate in the last three years, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

“Since my assumption of office in May 2019, my first six months in office we realized the revenue that the department could not generate in three years, 2016, 2017 and 2018. We raised an amount of
three hundred and thirty-three million within the period. We generated five hundred million naira in 2019 which is more than the past years, three hundred and thirty-three million naira.

“In 2020 there was a total shutdown of government offices and our activities were affected because of coronavirus, and at that period the department generated six hundred million naira to the coffers of the Federal Capital Territory Administration(FCTA).

“2021 that is in progress, the department raised seven hundred and fifty million, we are going higher everyday”

He said with the COVID-19 it would have been expected that the department will not do well in revenue generation, but it fared well amidst the challenge and increase revenue.

Adams regretted that activities of the department are being thwarted by fake revenue agents that parade themselves as DOAS officials.

He stated that the department projected over six hundred million for 2021.

On whether activities of the department were endorsed by the National Assembly, he said DOAS was operating in line with FCTA Act.