Student’s death: Nigerians react as Lagos govt shuts down Dowen College


Reactions have continued to pour on various social media platforms following the death of Sylvester Oromoni Jnr, a student of a popular secondary school in Lagos state known as Dowen college.

The 12-year-old student was alleged to have been attacked by some of his senior colleagues for refusing to join a cult group.

In her reaction on one of her social media handles, the former wife of the Alaafin of Oyo, Adeyemi Olaitan, said: “I saw a disturbing video of a 12-year-old boy that was maltreated in school. I couldn’t hold my tears. If I’m the mother, I would have burnt down the school by now by myself o. I don’t play with my kids. Why on earth will you do that to an innocent boy?”

Morrison Nwaigwe wrote: “Nawaoooo, so this thing is real! True, Dowen College, Lagos did this to this small boy.”

Blessing Gilbert wrote: “Ah! This is pure wickedness. I couldn’t even watch to the end. What a painful and undeserving death.”

Ogbomo B. Noma: “This is why parents need to be close to their kids. Some parents put their kids in boarding or hostels and are always working. Yes, money is important but of what use is money when our children are being assaulted? Terrible situation for the family!

Reacting to Ogbomo B. Noma’s statement, T-Zola Abiola said: “I was thinking of bringing my son down to Nigeria to attend boarding school, because I want him to learn about culture and African values, but with this, (even with the parents in Nigeria) and this happened! What about me that’s not in Nigeria?”

Lilian Pono’s response to  Ogbomo B. Noma: “The worst part of it is that he had told the parents of how they were molesting him but they still left him in the school. Hmmmmmmmm! I’m just short of words.”

Gerald Ihegaranya: “This is so sad for a child to be tortured to death. How did the school authority allow such cruelty in their school?”

Prime Minister wrote: “At what point was the boy taken to hospital by his family? From the school clinic, he was first taken to his father’s house in Lagos despite the reported poor condition of his health! Keeping the boy in the school despite reported bullying incidences was a risk that has turned bad.

The matter should be investigated by the Police with or without formal complaint by the family.

Government should begin to take cultism in secondary schools serious. This is becoming common.