Baileys Bakefest: Battle of the sweet and the savoury


Baileys Delight took over Muri Okunola Park, Victoria Island, Lagos, last Sunday for another edition of Nigeria’s biggest baking festival, Baileys BakeFest. The one-day extravaganza showcased Baileys Delight as the ideal treat while demonstrating the many ways it can be enjoyed.

A Three Course Contest…

The highly anticipated bake-off between four teams of upcoming bakers paired with celebrities lived up to expectation. The three-round contest had participants in their separate booths whipping up tasty pies and tarts, delicious cocktails and the yummiest baked desserts within a given time limit.

Fun and Games…

While teams battled with oven mittens, guests rode the mechanical bull, and enjoyed mega jenga, snakes and ladders and tic tac toe. According to one of the guests, “Baileys BakeFest did not just give us yummy pastries and delicious cocktails, we also enjoyed music, fun and games. It was an all-round treat”.


With the finest treat masters from across Nigeria serving up Baileys Delight-infused treats, Baileys BakeFest oozed the indulgent lifestyle the brand lives for.  From delicious cupcakes to exotic cocktails, Baileys BakeFest had it all!

The Winners…

 The delicious scent of baked goodies wafted through the park long before the final call was made. The winning team, Team TimiKoks dazzled the guests and judges with creatively lavish Baileys Delight-infused presentations that won hearts and taste buds. According to Chef Alex, the grand prize winners stood out for their flair and finesse. Over two million naira was awarded to contestants in cash prizes.


Baileys BakeFest enjoyed the support of Bakers Choice, O-Gas, Bosch, Krispy Kreme and Trace TV

Credit: Dailypost