Former lawmaker Mbadiwe calls for improved good governance


Dr Eddie Mbadiwe, former lawmaker
Dr Eddie Mbadiwe, former lawmaker

By Ikenna Osuoha

Dr Eddie Mbadiwe, former lawmaker in the House of Representatives on Wednesday, called for more efforts in ensuring good governance in Nigeria through improved transparent and accountable leadership.

Mbadiwe said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja while analysing two of his books namely: “Stunted Nigerian Dreams” and “A Scientist in Parliament.”

He explained in “Stunted Nigerian Dreams”, that it was time for Nigerian leadership to move away from the trivialities of funfair and luxuries but see power as trust, especially the governors.

“A situation where a governor basks in adulation and vain glory, praise singing by deprived crowd who are unemployed, hungry and angry is nothing but cosmetic governance.

“Could the governors please take a cue from the President, who is unfazed by this nonsense, we need some degree of quiet and candour in the polity,” the author said.

The author stressed the need for a prosperous country, where food and job security would be nonnegotiable.

According to him, education should be made compulsory for all to rescue the country from the doldrums of insecurity.

He said that people who did not go school were threats to peace in the society.

Mbadiwe scored most political parties low in terms of administrative excellence since the inception of democracy in 1999.

He called for timely preparation of budget in Nigeria as being done in other climes.

“It is cosmetic to delay budgets in the country compared to the U.S where budgets were prepared in two years in advance.

“Members of our parliament have been at courses at Johns Hopkins in collaboration with the Capitol, so this is not new to them.”

The author urged the lawmakers  to utilize the knowledge gained at such forum to bear in preparing budgets.

He said that his involvement in politics was aimed at bringing the desired change in the system for an incorruptible Nigeria.

Commenting on another of his book, ’A Scientist in Parliament”, the author explained that the book was his story of his contributions in the legislature for the common good of Nigeria.

The author called for transparency and honesty as watchwords in all forms of leadership both in Executive or Legislature.

He,however, cautioned people to shun unfounded rumours against members of the National Assembly, especially in terms of their remunerations.

The former lawmaker said distortions of facts and propaganda about the lawmakers’ remunerations are caused by lack of information; a development he stressed must be quickly addressed.

He reminded politicians that politics was not a means of self enrichment but a means to impact on the lives of the people positively.

Mbadiwe, a scientist turned politician, urged politicians to write their names in gold by leaving indelible legacies for generations unborn than engaging massive loots.

NAN reports that Mbadiwe was also one-time member, old Imo House of Assembly and was in the House of Representatives between 2011 and 2015.

He said his two books; “Stunted Nigerian Dreams and “A Scientist in Parliament” are compendium of his personal vision, experience and involvement in the Nigerian political system. (NAN)

Credit: NAN