Nigerian writer, American manager plan big for 2020 Book Fiesta


Magnus Oku
Nigerian writer Magnus Oku

A Nigerian writer, Magnus Oku and his new American Manager, Linda Carter, are planning big for 200 Book Fiesta under the aegis of Magnus Oku Books.

Oku said that the fiesta would  take place in the first half of  2020.

He said that the  new manager  would  handle the global market and promotion  for the 2020 fiesta.

Carter, who had managed passion inspired USA for several years, spoke on how she felt about the deal with the Nigerian writer.

“I am greatly honoured on a multi faceted level; not only will I have the gift of being able to work closely on a personal level with someone with incredible inspiring spirit whose purpose is that not of selfish gain of a greed or vain nature.

“I have been doing footwork for the past 15 years as myself being passionate about my belief in the true beauty held within those artistically talented.

“These people’s voices must be heard in order to bring light back to so many that need it.

“In order to do we need to break the “mold” and genuinely and fearlessly approach it differently to really blow light throughout,” she said.

Oku expressed excitement saying that since his literary works were  multipurpose in nature, it was not always easy to get a manager that mastered the art.

He said he believed in Carter’s capability.

“Knowing how to do the business aspect with many years of experience, she can take it to the next level as she has promised.

Oku said that the date for the fiesta would be announced early in 2020.

Credit : NAN