Edo Governorship: ‘Ojiezele, Best Man for the job ‘-Hon Hamza Auta


Edo Governorship: ‘Ojiezele, Best Man for the job ‘

The All Progressive Congress (APC)
governorship aspirant in Edo state, Dr. Augustine Ojiezele has been described as the best man for the position as the election draws near in the state.

Hon Hamza Auta Mohammed, the Chief Press Secretary, in a statement, said Ojiezele stands out as a symbol of integrity, educational qualifications, commitment to the masses, and support for the less privileged and widows.

According to Mohammed, throughout his career and public life, Ojiezele has consistently displayed a high level of honesty, moral principles, and ethical conduct.

“His longstanding reputation for upholding the highest standards of integrity is evident in his professional achievements and commitment to public service.

“Educational qualifications play a pivotal role in effective governance, and Dr. Augustine Ojiezele greatly excels in this aspect.

“With a robust educational background, including advanced degrees in relevant fields, he possesses the necessary knowledge and expertise to tackle the complex challenges faced by the state in the 21st century.

“Ojiezele’s relationship with the masses is a testament to his deep connection and understanding of the issues they face daily. He actively engages with the people of Edo State, listening to their concerns, and incorporating their feedback into his campaign and policy platforms.

“By prioritizing the needs and aspirations of the masses, he seeks to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens, fostering a harmonious and responsive governance system.”

As the Governorship Election draws near, he urged the people of Edo state to rally behind the candidacy of Ojiezele.


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