“His mother’s prayer stopped me from ruining his life with ritual” — Podcaster opens up about ex-boyfriend


A podcaster recounted in a new interview how her ex-boyfriend’s mother’s prayer stopped her from using ritual to ruin his life.

She revealed this in a chat with Wunmi Bello, in which she described the incident.

They had been dating, and the guy had treated her poorly, but the final straw was when he said something that enraged her.

The podcaster said that she is powerful and that her words have an effect on people’s lives.

In her rage, she cast a ritual charm on him to ruin his life. According to her, the ceremony concludes with the lighting of a candle and allowing it to burn entirely.

She intended to burn a piece of paper with something written on it while performing the ritual spell for her ex-boyfriend.

The paper, however, refused to burn. She heard her spirit guy beg her to cease the spell on her right ear, but she refused to listen since she was stubborn.

This was the first time she heard that, according to her, but she tried again.

She then heard the mother’s prayer, saying she couldn’t do that to him, the second time the paper lit halfway through but stopped.

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