I’ve never for one day promised Mohbad’s dad a car” Cute Abiola fumes, debunks


Cute Abiola, a well-known comedian, laments as he refutes a rumor that he purchased a brand new automobile for the father of late Afrobeat musician, Mohbad.

According to a social media story, the content creator gave the grieving father a new car as a sign of solace.

The caption of the video reads, “Lawyer Kunle just brought a new Lexus car that’s worth 20 million for Mohbad’s dad.”

Taking to his Instagram story to debunk the report, Cute Abiola emphasized how he has no connection to Mohbad’s father and neither is it in his place to make such a gesture.

He further lamented how the false news was irresponsible of whoever made the allegations, considering how quick Mohbad’s father grants interviews.

“Who are you people for God’s sake. I never bought a car for Mohbad’s dad and I never promised to give him a car. Why will you people sit down and write up stuff to trend without vetting it. Buy car for Mohbad’s dad for what? And you people know that it does not take the man long to do interview,” he stated in part.

Watch the video below …