Tinubu’s son, Seyi called out for flying to Kano with presidential jet to watch Polo


Seyi Tinubu, the president’s son, has come under fire from a Nigerian journalist working abroad for using the presidential plane on an unofficial trip to Kano to watch polo.

Seyi Tinubu was criticized by a user going by the name Jaafar Jaafar in a post on his Twitter profile.

Jaafar posted a picture of the president’s son at an airport surrounded by numerous state officials, escorted by heavily armed security guards.

He mentioned that Seyi took the presidential plane to watch Polo in Kano.

He claimed that the former president’s approval of his daughter Hanan’s trip to Bauchi for a photo opportunity set the pattern.

Jaafar stressed that such practices throw a shade of offense on the moral code of leadership of the country.

He wrote …

“Here’s Tinubu’s golden child, Seyi, traveling in a presidential jet to watch polo in Kano. But this trend did not start today. Buhari set the bad example when he allowed his daughter Hanan to travel in a presidential jet for a photo tour in Bauchi. Even if our laws are vague on this, one thing is clear. This is an offence to the moral code of leadership.”

Netizens Reaction …

@HGBashar said: “Buhari merely sought the title of ‘President’ without understanding or respecting the sanctity of the office. The audacity to let his daughter, Hanan, use a presidential jet for a mere photo tour in Bauchi was the beginning of this mockery. Now we see Tinubu’s protege, Seyi, hopping on the same jet for a polo match in Kano. It’s not just about the laws, it’s about ethics, morals, and respect for the position. Our leaders must do more than just occupy an office; they must uphold its dignity.”

@TheQueenAminat noted: “This bitterness never ends.”

@belloinuwa wrote: “What about the misuse of a special forces unit as his body guards? See them in the pictures. The other day he went skate boarding in Abuja with them running by his side. This is just a continuation of the culture of impunity from the previous government, perhaps on an even grander scale this time.”

@abdorrerheem1 said: “PAF is for the president and his immediate family, if you become president allow your children to enter God is good motors.”

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Journalist calls out Seyi Tinubu for flying to Kano with presidential jet to watch Polo
Journalist calls out Seyi Tinubu for flying to Kano with presidential jet to watch Polo Photo credit: Twitter