Paul Okoye shows love, sends bag of clothes and money to 14-Year-Old girl impregnated by 45-year-old man (video)


Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye has come to the aid of a young lady impregnated by a 45-year-old man.

The young lady’s sad story was brought to the singer’s attention by Lord Zeus who took to social media to narrate the lady’s predicament.

Saddened over the challenged 14-year-old girl’s plight, the singer sent her huge bags of clothes after getting off an emotional call with Lord Zeus.

Lord Zeus wrote:

“These gift items came from Rude Boy, it was sent all the way from United States, he called and was visibly crying. That wasn’t all Praise God got, we only begged Lord Zeus’ family for N258,000 to take care of her but we got contributions to the tune of a mammoth N2,000,000!!, (Yes, two million you read it right). Isn’t it ridiculous?”

“This girl you are seeing here got pregnant by a 45 years old man and she has been in the hospital for 4 months now and the man that did this ran away since then till now, this girl of 14years and her child needs urgent help and justice as well, she’s at royal hospital eke nkpor anambra state.. How did we get here Biko nu? Just look at this little girl and what she has been through for 9months and the family of the man isn’t even helping her.”

Netizens react to Paul Okoye’s gesture


“Now they will be thanking Rude boy and not God who provided for both rude boy and who is concerned. When you do thy alms don’t let your left hand know what your right hand does!”


“We want to see the man’s picture , you people should stop hiding people like this , so that people around him can protect their children around him”


“We have love in this country na only our leaders be our problem.”


“Chai this is emotional . May God bless every helpers. CHIMAMANDA . Sure your God will never fail.”


“Poverty na bad thing , see how scared she was as she saw the money . God bless you Zeus and Rudeboy.”


“@iamkingrudy You will never know sorrow all the days of your life in Jesus name. God bless u for your kind act. May God bless every genuine giver out there in Jesus mighty name “