Murphy Afolabi predicted his death just 30 mins before he died — Actor Adekola Tijani ‘Kamilu Kompo’ reveals [Video]


Adekola Tijani aka Kamilu, a Nollywood actor, has alleged that his late coworker Murphy Afolabi foretold his own death in a chat they had roughly 30 minutes before the late actor fell while taking a bath.

Early on Sunday morning, May 14, Murphy suffered injuries from his fall in the restroom and later passed away.

Speaking at Murphy’s funeral ceremony on Monday, May 15, Adekola Tijanu said:

“When he was alive, he always want us to do things together. We can’t question God but I’m really touched. He is still young and we started together. I sh%t his first movie and he was the first person that discovered my acting skills. We have done a lot together, we have fought and settled. I know everything about him.

We still spoke yesterday, we spoke around 9:30 and he fell around 10 am. I was called immediately and we drove him to the hospital but he di€d before we got to the hospital.

He called me after his birthday that I should come and take some of the clothes he used for his birthday shoot. I told him not to worry but I didn’t know he was passing a message across to me.

Yesterday, he sent money for a contribution we always do on Sundays, he sent it early and I questioned his choice to send it early. His response was we don’t know what will happen the next day or in the next minute, I didn’t know he was bidding me farewell.”

“I should have celebrated your birthday more”- Wumi Toriola breaks silence on Murphy Afolabi’s sudden death

Wumi Toriola, an actress, has written a heartfelt tribute of her late colleague, Murphy Afolabi, who passed away on Sunday, May 15, 2023 after falling in his bathroom.

Wumi Toriola grieved throughout the tribute and wished Murphy Afolabi had received more words of praise during his 49th birthday celebration earlier this month.

Wumi Toriola in her tribute to Murphy Afolabi wrote thus:

Wumi Toriola in her tribute to Murphy Afolabi wrote thus:

Your demise came as a rude shock
I was waiting for news to counter the death news which I did consider a rumor.
I waited to hear that,” Oh Murphy fainted but he is back to life.

Sir Murphy, you were one of the gentle, kind men I knew, I am not sure there is anyone who wouldn’t have gone through any of your productions. People knew how crowded your locations were because you wished everyone could star in your productions.

Your Zeal needed to be studied.

Yes, there are a lot of times we disagreed because of the truth you were a loyalist to the core that you wanted and wished other people you knew followed suit regardless of what opinion the other had.
You were not rigid, you cherished communication, say your mind, and move on like nothing happened.

You were one of the few that started dreaming of big productions and started it years back.
Your love for your job was so much and big.
Someone would say, did you tell him all these while he was alive ???
We never thought we would say goodbye this soon and yet this is another reminder that we do not own our lives.

I wished I wrote all these on your birthday.
The Yoruba movie industry would miss you
The world would miss you …
Murphy, that one person who would smile at all the memes made for him.
In all of these, one thing is certain,your works would never die
Rest on soldier.