Ex-commissioner, Dayo Adeneye humbled, forced to make Eba in London (video)


Media mogul and former Ogun State Commissioner for Information as well as one-time political aspirant for the House of Representatives, Otunba Dayo Adeneye, has shared a video of himself humbling turning Eba (swallow) for dinner.

Captioning the video, Dayo Adeneye who is now based abroad, wrote “A whole Otunba Dr World Famous Baba Oloye turning Eba…Yep, I can “cook” in both rooms…This abroad na leveler sha.. but hey we mooove. I just Love my AMAZING life.”

The video has since sparked mixed reactions from his fans and followers on social media.

Former actress Victoria Iyama wrote “Self-catering is an amazing lifestyle…no one can ever hold you to ransom….U get it done ?”

One rolake wrote “Abroad life is truly humbling, well done oga, more strenght”

How Dayo Adeneye’s dad made him find love again after being betrayed by first wife

Unknown to many, Dayo used to be married to an American-based Nigerian and the union produced a child but things fell apart after Dayo became broke.

It was also about the same time, he relocated to Nigeria and worked alongside his buddy, Kenny Ogungbe at RayPower when the radio station newly made its debut, and shortly after, they both founded Kennis Music. 

While he had his fair share of ladies, his father thought it wiser that he remarried and settled down almost immediately. And because his father had his best interest at heart, he introduced him to his wife, Caroline who comes from a good pedigree in Edo State.

Recounting how they met at her birthday ceremony a few years ago, Dayo recalls, “We met through my late father. I was just newly divorced and my father was practically breathing down my neck to remarry. he kept telling me about two ladies who frequently visited one of his tenants who happens to be Caroline’s aunt. At his prompting, I got to meet them, that is Caroline and one of her relations. I liked Caroline instantly, asked her to dinner and the rest as they say, is history.

“Having been married once, I wasn’t too keen on remarrying, at least for a while, besides, one of her uncles wasn’t too keen on seeing his niece marry someone in the entertainment industry. Even though we dated for about two years and grew to become very fond of each other, I knew almost immediately we met that she was the one I would eventually end up with but like I said, I wasn’t too keen on marriage having just come out of one,” he added. 

Dayo adeneye and wife, caroline

Both of them have been happily married for almost 20 years now.