“Fix your relationship and insecurities” FFK’s ex-wife, Precious Chikwendu drags his girlfriend, Chika Nerita


Precious Chikwendu, the ex-wife of former aviation minister, Femi Fani Kayode has sent a message to his new girlfriend, Chika Nerita.

She told the ex-beauty queen to work on her insecurities and relationship while reacting to a DM someone sent to her inquiring if she had chased out Chika.

According to the dm, the unidentified person claimed he/she heard reports that Precious had chased out Chika and was spending more time with FFK while using the kids as an excuse.

“Heard u chased out FFKs babe and u are now in charge and dating him again. They say u r always at the house and use the kids as excuse and u have started eating money again from him”.

Reacting to it, Precious advised Chika to work on herself as she isn’t chasing after her man. For her, she is in a different clouds and man can never be her issue.

“This can trend for 2days and after life goes on. Little girl sending out stories please try fixing your relationship and insecurities. As I dey so, man problem can never be any of my current issues. I’m on a different clouds entirely. Enjoy your tenure”.

Precious Chikwendu addresses reconciliation rumours

Recall that following the reconciliation of FFK and Precious Chikwendu, rumours made rounds that the ex couple were fine-tuning plans to reconcile their differences and become one again..

The couple was spotted at a house party at Senator Sani Musa’s home.

According to a source close to the couple FFK wants Precious Chikwendu back and the two were working on their marriage.

However, Precious Chikwendu the mother of FFK’s four boys took to the comment section of a blog to debunk the speculations.

She however, added that she would gladly call for a press conference to announce her return if need be.

Precious Chikwendu wrote: “Source please! I am not having myself dancing in any speculations this time. I am bold enough to call a press conference to announce my return if i do wish to do a 360. You all like hypocrites. I take it i am also to wash off the memories of everyone i knew as a wife as well as hate their wives and not honor them because my ex husband is at their party and avoid him must i for public satisfaction abi?Since i must share kids and not share air and space , produce a customized air , family friends and life for me accordingly.
Plus this ain’t news worthy, were it to be true. Lets apply the pressure dedicated to such gist to voting in a competent president that would help most of us be busy enough to ignore baseless speculations.”

Precious Chikwendu advises Chika Nerita