“My biological mother is the source of my problem” Actress Lolade Okusanya (Video)


Nollywood actress, Lolade Okusanya has tagged her biological mother as the source of her problem.

Taking to her Instagram story, the AMVCA award-winning actress, stated that her mother had deceived her into believing a woman needs to work for her money.

According to the Ijakumo actress, she spent alot during the festive period which has left her with several debit alerts.

Lolade stressed that she needs a man to cater for her needs and bills and has relinquished the ‘independent woman’ title.

She said in the video, “I have found the source of my problem. It’s my biological mother. Cause she is the one who said it’s okay to work for money. Mummy u lie”.

“I’ve traced the root of my problem. As from today henceforth, I hereby declare myself as a ‘dependent’ young lady.

Crossdresser James Brown shades his mother

Last year, James Brown’s stirred reactions after taking to social media to spite his mother at Mother’s Day celebration.

In the post shared on his Instagram page, James Brown showered love on his grandmother and praised her for being a good mother to him.

James Brown recalled how his mother abandoned him, saying he would always appreciate his grandmother for accepting and believing in his dream.

He wrote: Happy Mothers Day to my lovely Grandmother God bless you for being a Mother to me even after your Daughter abandoned me. I will always appreciate you for accepting me and believing in my dreams. I owe you the world and more. God bless you mama”.

James Brown speaks on being abandoned by his mother

Opening up on being abandoned, James Brown in an Instagram post recounted the support and love his grandmother gave him despite being abandoned by his mum two days after he was born.

According to him, she is the woman whom he cherished the most with his blood, body and soul and has always supported his dreams and personality, however, he realised his grandmother is not his mother at the age of six.

He wrote:

This is my grandma the woman I cherish the most with my blood,body and soul. This is the only woman who took mein when I was rejected by my mom back then when I was just 2 days old, this woman breastfeed me, clothe me, gave me shelter, knowing fully well that I’m just her grand daughter/son. Back then I thought she was my biological mom for 6 years…….”.

James Brown speaks on his relationship with his mother

In an interview with media personality, Chude Jideonwo, James Brown claimed that his mother now wants to connect with him now that he is doing well, after how she maltreated him when he needed her the most.

“Right now my mom wants to connect but the thing is, I’m not ready. I’ve moved beyond having a mother figure in my life, I don’t need it.

The thing is, what people need to know, what they need to care about is that I’m doing well, I’m okay with my life, life is moving on and I’m happy with my life literally.

Everyday I’m proud of my family, my new family the one I created. I don’t want to start touching those wounds which have healed, I’ve actually healed, I’m okay. But I don’t just feel like it’s the time to start putting myself into that situation because someone that has messed you up before will definitely do it again.” James Brown stated.