28-year-old teacher in soup for sending N*de pictures to teenage student


A 28-year-old Oklahoma teacher, Ivy Reaneau has been accused of sending n*ked photos and inappropriate videos to a 16-year-old student after hearing rumours that he liked her.

Ivy Reneau is facing charges after she allegedly sent a topless photo of herself and another of her “posing in front of the mirror sideways with no clothes on, her bre*st was exposed along with her butt,” according to court records cited by KFOR Oklahoma.

Reneau taught at Oklahoma based Midwest City Middle School and was also an assistant soccer coach, New York Post reports.

She met the underage teen at practice, where both high school and middle school teams share the same field, and “heard rumours that he liked her and wanted to watch her run,” according to the court documents.

She then added the teen on Snapchat and allegedly sent him three or four n*ked photos and an inappropriate video.

The teenager showed the pics to a few teammates and tried to extort money out of the teacher, telling her he could “ruin her career over the pictures,” it is claimed.

She allegedly sent him $120 online.

The documents state Reneau confessed to the photos to detectives but said she never had a physical relationship with him and thought he was 18, according to KFOR.

She said they “talked about hanging out one time, but never went through with it.”

The alleged unlawful actions ended when another teacher overheard the teen tell someone “he had been sent n*de pictures by a teacher.”

A district spokesperson said in a statement to KFOR: “District officials were notified of an alleged relationship between a Mid-Del staff member and a student.

“We reported the information to law enforcement so that they could begin an investigation.

“The staff member is no longer employed by Mid-Del Schools, and we have worked closely with the family of the student in the wake of this accusation.

“We will continue to fully cooperate with the authorities.”

Reneau is facing a charge of using technology to engage in communication for s3xual or prurient interest with a minor, the online court documents state.