Jubilation as Comedienne Helen Paul appointed head of department at US varsity


Comedienne, Helen Paul, has been appointed as the Head of the Department of Arts, Music and Entertainment at Heart International University, United States.

The actress announced her new appointment in an Instagram post on Monday.

She also congratulated her husband, Femi Bamisile, who also graduated as a Doctor of Law from the same university.

She wrote, “Congratulations to us my love. Such a great honour for both of us. You graduated as a Doctor of Law and I was promoted too.

“Professor Helen Paul, now the new H.O.D Department of Arts, Music and Entertainment, Heart International University USA.

“Thank you for all the sleepless nights. Thank you for sacrificing for us. #grateful @femi_bams.”

In an appreciation post to her husband, the professor wrote, “Special thanks to you Dr Femi Bamisile, my husband.

“Thanks so much for your selfless commitment to my academic growth. Thank you so much for all the sacrifices, all the time you take to read and rewrite, edit and teach me like your sweet baby that I am.

“Thank you for everything darling. I can never forget your main teachings.”

She also quoted her husband as telling her, “Helen, let your secrets remain secret. Never be carried away by sentiments. Every relationship has got a time frame. Be wise and move on as quickly as possible without anything holding you back.”