Engr. Innocent Unaji donates cash, food materials to ANAWIM Home to mark birthday


By Isah Hussein

The founder of McRay Victus Foundation, Engr. Innocent Adole Unaji who turned plus one yesterday 17th April, Easter day, and marked his birthday in a low-key style with family members, friends and children from Poorest of the Poor Rehabilitation Centre (ANAWIM Home), Gwagwalada, Abuja.

In his message, Engr. Unaji said the day is a great day for him while expressing gratitude to God for the grace of life as he said he feels fulfilled because many have died and being alive, and most especially, for his birthday to coincide with the resurrection of Jesus Christ is a privilege and also, the day coincided with two of his children receiving the sacrament of their first Holy Communion .

During his visit, where he joined the ANAWIM Home for the Easter celebration, he noted that instead of throwing lavish birthday parties for friends he decided to show compassion to the less fortunate in the society.

The celebrant and founder, McRay Victus foundation, Engr. Innocent Unaji cutting his birthday cake with the assistance of his wife, children, friends and children of the ANAWIM Home on Easter day in Abuja.

He said he chose the home because the place is unique and he didn’t don’t want unnecessary publicity “because close to me there in Abuja or somewhere else in the city center, I feel it may attract a lot of attention so this place, being far from the city will attract less attention thus informing my choice of the home.

” I chose this place also because of the need to give to those who really need this kind of support as it is not necessarily about giving, but giving to those who really needs help.

“Our foundation exists basically to alleviate the living conditions of the less privilege in our society and since the establishment of this foundation many years ago, we have not solicited for any form of financial assistance from anyone.

All of our programs have been funded from private pocket and everything we are involved in is borne out of our passion to positively help in shaping our society and this is anchored on two principle scriptures which are Proverb:11:24-25; ” there are those that scatter but yet, the Lord gathers for them and there are those that gather even what they do not need and for them, the Lord scatters”

“Proverbs 1917 says “That he that gives to the poor lends to God”. So, while we are looking at the physical aspects,we are also looking at the spiritual aspect of giving to the needy .

“So in helping the poor , the question to ask yourself is what tangible difference can you make, any way we can make someone happy is my goal .

“Water in communities that lack safe and clean water, supporting the educational need of less privileged, clothing them therefore, providing those basic things that makes human life meaningful is what we are after.

He urged well meaning Nigerians to help the poor in their communities because no matter how little, it will go a long way in reducing the different security challenges the country is currently faced with.

The celebrant who is a mechanical engineer by profession expressed his love for his wife, their kids and also appreciated the wonderful impacts of friends, stating that they have been the source of his life’s joy.

He presented the sum of N236,500 for supporting the education of 13 children of the home while food and other items were also presented some of which include; 1 bag of onion and garri, 20 cartons of noodles.10 packs of spaghetti, 2 gallons of groundnut oil(20 litres).

Others include 10 cartons of seasoning cubes, 1 bag of salt, 10 cartons of tomato paste, 1 bag of detergents, 10 crates of eggs, tissue papers, toilet soaps, 2 cartons each of satchet Milo and milk, 1 bag of sugar, firewood, 10 packs of soft drinks and liquid soap as well as one cooler of jollof rice chicken and salad.


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