Ukrainian Mayor Killed ‘Execution Style,’ Thrown Into Pit by Troops


A Ukrainian mayor and her family were reportedly killed in an “execution style” slaying by Russian troops before being thrown into a pit in a forested area, a local resident told the Associated Press on Sunday.

Neighbours said Russian troops occupying Motyzhyn, 30 miles west of Kyiv, tried to win the support of local officials and butchered them when they refused to collaborate.

The horrors emerged after Putin’s forces retreated from the Kyiv region back towards Belarus.

Olga Sukhenko, the mayor of the Ukrainian town of Motyzhyn, which is located near Kyiv, was allegedly shot alongside her husband and son for refusing to comply with Russian demands, the AP reported. The resident who spoke to the news outlet was identified only as a man named Oleg for security purposes.

Oleg told the AP that Russian troops targeted local officials across Motyzhyn and murdered those who did not cooperate. After the mayor and her family were shot, the man said they were thrown into a pit behind a plot of land that contained three houses that Russian forces occupied.

Their fate was unknown until their bodies were found on Saturday in a shallow grave behind houses that Russian soldiers had used as makeshift barracks.

A fourth body was also found but has not yet been identified.
Reports said they had all been shot.

Elsewhere in the village, another victim was allegedly shot by Russians and dumped down a well.

It came as reports emerged of Putin’s butchers executing tied-up civilians and leaving bodies strewn on the street in Bucha, near Kyiv.

The retreating forces are also said to have booby-trapped corpses and mined homes


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