Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth -Will Smith slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars for making joke about Jada’s hair (Video)


American actor, Will Smith has set the internet ablaze after his altercation with comedian, Chris Rock who threw a jab at his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

On Sunday night, March 27, Hollywood actor and actresses gathered at the 2022 Oscar without a thought that an altercation would occur.

As comedian, Chris Rock stepped on the stage to give his performance, he made a joke about Jada’s bald hair.

It is no longer news that Jada Pinkett Smitt keeps a lowcut which is due to her suffering from Alopecia.

Will Smith who wasn’t impressed with his jokes shocked many when he went on stage and slapped the comedian.

Smith warned him to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth, though he has since apologised to the academy while receiving award as the Best Actor, he didn’t apologize to Chris.

Social media has been thrown into a frenzy following the assault.

Nigerians who weighed into it, stated that Smith should have channeled that same energy on August Alsina, who was in an entanglement with his wife.

fejirow23 : He was fucking wrong and to think of it that same wife keeps hurting him all the time….he should have taken out his anger on the guy who slept with his wife not the guy who make an innocent joke about her acting as GI Jane for having a bald hair lupita carried bald hair for how.long nobody have a hoot

blcllc : @willsmith Why didn’t you slap the dudes @jadapinkettsmith was entangled with?

django_kay : He should be suspended You can only defend a LOYAL woman like that

richmaroquan : Silly apology. Will is immature, Chris Paul is a Professional Taking that and still go ahead to finish the show

memzy510 : the person that slept with your wife you no slap am. Person joke about the same with you slap am. Misplaced slapping

dlenzee : Will should go to jail.. The person Jada was entangled with you didn’t fight him.

Will Smith slaps Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock
Will Smith slaps Chris Rock