State first ladies and the heritage of monarchical democracy, by Abdullahi Musa


This article, were it to see the light of the day, would displease many. Why would that be so? Because it might be seen as going against the tide, the tide of Western Think tanks,  and our manufactured public opinion.The world, or the vocal, powerful few who set agenda for the world, are celebrating  IWD. And I think by IWD they mean International Women (‘s) Day.

That Day is a sister to all other Days set aside by UN to focus attention on issues close to its heart.For decades, Western world has sought to create an impassable gulf between man and woman, preferably to the level of virulent hatred. That women have been oppressed by men for millenia, for no other reason than that women are considered weak, economically dependent upon men. Thereafter actions, pronouncements followed that sought to vilify men for responding to intimacy overtures from women.

Today, the surest tool at the disposal of a woman seeking ascendancy in the West is to find a man who achieved fame and lure him into making a pass at her. A governor of New York by name of Coumo had to go, to give room to a woman to ascend. His brother also had to pay the price and leave his journalism job because he supported his brother.What is the relationship between men and men? Is it all cordiality, cameraderie because they are all men? Nobody wants to know. Are all men created equal with respect to intellect, brawn or wealth? Who cares! Men are that evil by their creation such that any misfortune that befalls them is their just dessert. A real life story: In Hausa cities, it used to be a practice ( may be it still is) for poor families to rent a single room in one house together with other families also renting single rooms.

I think they call such houses compound in Southern Nigeria.  One such tenant was relaying to us what happened to his co-tenant. They were in the compound when they heard commotion, signs of struggle in another room. They believed something was amiss. He said they did not know what transpired before they entered the room, but when they entered they found that the woman (wife?) had pinned down the man (husband?)  to the floor and was pummelling him. In this particular case who was the weaker sex? I put question mark against ‘wife’ and ‘husband’ because in the West today, the term ‘wife’ is considered as being derogatory to womenfolk.

A Nigerian woman writer was being more Catholic than the Pope when she once condemned Hillary Clinton for writing in her resume that she is a wife. Trust the Black race in blind imitation!  So if men and women must be enemies of one another, if they must viciously compete for resources and power, then why should men enter the boxing ring with their hands tied behind their back in order to ensure the victory of the women opponents?This is what is intended with reserved seats for women. That their representation in the corridors of power is very low, so men must be barred from certain constituencies in order for women to succeed. 

Now as a man, do I have my path to power paved with gold? Far from it. In the politics of Muslim North many men find their paths blocked if they are not bisexuals. Would anyone be interested in removing such impediments? From the point of view of Western Thank tanks, the world might be better off if at least 50% of its inhabitants become lesbians or homosexuals. I am not done yet. May be honest, sane, industrious women would be thrilled with opportunities to power handed over to them on a platter of gold. I pity them, they are in for rude shock. Those free, guaranteed seats, are meant for their Excellencies, the partners of governors. Their partners as governors have been given power to decide who contests which position. It is a fact that governors appoint Chairmen for local government areas, and in return commandeer the allocations from FG meant for the people of that area.

Now tell me, Her Excellency has tasted power, her (junior) partner as governor decides who runs and who does not. Would she allow him to dash the guaranteed safe seat to another woman who might even be prettier, more intelligent than Her Excellency? So it is possible that the birthday bash in Dubai for her Super Excellency Aisha Buhari was a strategy session. Since Nigerians have proven their docility ìn the face of most horrendous misgovernance in history, their Excellencies intend to be in the corridors of power constitutionally for life.

What if their partners leave office? And I ask you: what of if Her Imperial Majesty Aisha Buhari becomes Vice president and Dolapo Osinbajo a Senator?We are in a monarchical democracy, henceforth voting would only be done by those who do not have self respect.Oppression is going to change face : it intends wearing a pretty face with red lips to match.Abdullah Musa writes from Kano.