Popular Prophet gift cars worth N6 million each to two Nollywood actresses


A popular Prophet and Philanthropist, Jeremiah Moto Fufeyin has gifted cars to Nollywood’s Chinwe Owoh, Cynthia Okereke and N2 million each totalling N16 million.

He announced the donation to the shock of beneficiaries through his foundation which operates under the aegis of Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin Foundation.

The billionaire Clergy said, he would not only support Nollywood actors and actresses when they are sick, but said, he was committed to the progress of their artworks.

The founder of Delta based Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, located in Effurun, Delta State revealed that the gift was part of the strategy to reconcile the two high-flying actresses who have been at each other’s jugular.

The event was loaded on the Church’s Youtube channel where Prophet Fufeyin was seen to exemplify the Bible, especially in encouraging peace and love.

He called out the the actresses in one of his programmes

He had insisted it’s high time to address the rift between the duo, adding that the devil was only using the issues to deprive them of their blessings.

While the actresses were initially resistant, the prophet had stood his ground until they succumbed and embraced peace. While the actresses were in tears after the reconciliation move, little did they know that the prophet had surprises in stock.

Speaking before offering the gifts, Fufeyin said: “Nollywood actors and actresses must not be sick before I help them. When they are alive and healthy, help them also.”

The man of God later offer keys of new Toyota RAV4 to the actresses with N2 million to fuel the vehicle.

He noted that the car gifts were worth N6m each as he added that the veterans were given a sum of N2m for fueling of the vehicles.

Source: (The Cable)


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