History As Arena Honors Davido, Changes Arena Name To The David02


In honor of award-winning singer Davido, 02 Arena changes its name to David02 Arena for a night.

The singer made history last night as organizers of the 02 Arena honored him in a grand way after selling tickets to the 20,000 capacity.

The board in charge of the arena changed the name from 02 Arena to The David02.

This is to celebrate the return of Davido back to London along with his champion sound.

However, it was only meant for a night.

This is no doubt a great feat for the singer as he continues to break records and make history despite the hatred around him.

02 Arena honors Davido with The David02

Before the show, Davido had cried out over the hatred in the music industry due to his father’s wealth.

This is coming a few hours after Davido sold out all his tickets for the O2 Arena music concert, which will hold on the 5th March 2022.

In a video making the rounds online, Davido said nobody had supported him for the past seven years, but people are always hating on him from morning till night.

Davido opined that people hate on him because of his father’s wealth, and it’s not his fault that his father is financially buoyant, adding he had worked hard and delivered on his job.

In his word: For seven years and nobody supports me, it’s just hate. From morning to night it’s just hate, because of what my papa get money, na my fault? I work hard, I deliver it