REVEALED: Why Burial In Anambra Was Turned Into A Killing Field


The major reason Why innocent souls who gathered to mourn a brother, friend, son, uncle were killed in Ebenebe, Awka, Anambra State capital had been revealed.

VerityNews had reported that that the burial of one Ozor, a suspected cult leader became a killing field as a rival court group stormed the venue of the interment and opened fire on the mourners killing over 15 persons.

The Ozor, whose full name has been revealed as late Mr. Ozor Chibuike Joseph Chukwuma, was also killed by bullet on the 30th of December, 2021.

A village source said that the killers of Ozor had sent a warning to Ebenebe community, stating that he must never be buried with fanfare because he’s a ‘wicked soul who destroyed so many people while he was living’.

Apparently, the warning was ignored. So when the burial ceremony was being held on, Saturday, the unknown gang stormed the venue and went on a shooting spree.

According to some members of the community who spoke to the media, Ozor’s death was one that rang across the community, as he was feared when he was alive.

Narrating the incident, a young man said he was among those who brought in the coffin for lying in state; “After we brought the coffin in, I went in and saw a group of people praying for his soul, and noticed they were his (secret cult) members. So I went out and sat away from the scene.

“Shortly after, a vehicle drove in with about six men, armed with guns and they began to shoot at everybody. We ran for our lives, but my brother was killed in the process.

Another woman also cried when she was speaking. She said; “I am very bitter because I have lost all my brothers. They have all been killed in this wicked burial. We were warned but nobody took it serious. Why didn’t they just bury him instead of this massacre? Now so many families have become bereaved and more burials will be performed. I am in pains, I am bitter”, she wailed.