Alaafin of Oyo’s Estranged Wife Queen Ola Finally Admits To Undergoing Body Surgery


The estranged wife of the Alaafin of Oyo State, Queen Olayiwola Adeyemi has confirmed she underwent surgery to alter her figure.

The ex-wife of Oba Lamidi Adeyemi admitted to undergoing a Brazilian butt lift to increase the size of her buttocks.

The Brazilian Butt Lift known as BBL is a procedure that uses your own fatty tissue to add volume and contour to your buttocks.

The Olori had the cosmetic procedure to increase the size of her butt and give her a curvier look.
The queen admitted to it on her Instagram page as she traded words with a fan.

Queen Ola had shared stunning photos of herself sitting and a fan had questioned how long she would continue to hide her new figure.

According to him, many are aware that the Queen underwent surgery and at such, she should flaunt what her doctor gave her.

“How long will you keep sitting down? We already know you did BBL. Stand up and flaunt what your Dr gave you”.

Firing back, the queen told her critic to do hers.

She pointed out that she has the right to do choose her choice of posture.

The queen doesn’t seem ashamed of her look as she told the critic to leave her alone.

The critic clearly had her time and she hit back at her daring her to flaunt her butt.
The queen retaliated and made it known that she can’t be forced.

ezraburnett : “How long will you keep sitting down? We already know you did BBL. Stand up and flaunt what your Dr gave you”

Queen Ola : “Wahala. Madam, if it is BBL please kindly do your own now Abi?? If I like I sit down, if I like I stand it’s my choice and it’s my money I paid for the BBL. Leave me alone now”

ezraburnett : “Who is holding you? No big deal. Flaunt it with your full chest”

Queen Ola : “You can’t force me…of you are not holding me, then chill I flaunt it”.

Last year, Kemi Filani recalls that the Queen was called out for allegedly sleeping with other people’s husbands.

Following the crash of her marriage, Queen Ola returned to Lagos, and was focused on her business and has never flaunted any man on her social media page.

However, an Instagram blogger has Cutie_Julls has alleged that Queen Ola is always making friends with people’s husbands and linking up with them outside Nigeria.

The blogger who seemed to know so much about the illicit affairs of the Queen admitted to having terminated Olayiwola’s appointment with a married man in Spain.

The anonymous blogged further warned the estranged wife of the monarch to respect the crown and stop jumping from one man to another.

The post reads: Dear Queen Ola @queenola2 , please respect the crown. Stop making best friends with people’s husbands and arrange to meet them abroad.

@queenola2 please my confession is; “It was me. Yes, I am the one that stopped a person’s husband from meeting you in Spain on this your last trip.

Even the innocent wife didn’t know. She thought her husband was travelling to France. But fortunately, I knew he was meeting you somewhere in Europe. So I tried everything in my power to manipulate the situation.

You see the man didn’t show up? That marriage means a lot to we online in-laws.

If you try that nonse*se again. I will lead the online in-laws geng to come after you and we will make sure you go japa for this Mark app.

Olorinbruku. King’s wife sharing kpekus”.