What Nollywood Actor, Ugezu Jideofor Told Fans About ‘Faceless’ Online Trolls

NNPC report

Nollywood actor and producer, Ugezu Jideofor, on Tuesday advised his fans to ignore online trolls because most of the ‘faceless’ accounts belonged to their close friends.

Taking to his Instagram page, he described online trolls as “jobless individuals…wallowing in pitiable jealousy”, as he added that silence was golden.

He wrote, “Many, if not all those faceless accounts that attack you online belong to your close friends. Ignore! All those accounts traveling the streets of social media mentioning your name to ridicule you are jobless individuals, already defeated, but wallowing in pitiable jealousy. They want to call you out. Ignore! Silence has a voice; a golden voice.”

The filmmaker added that people that call a person out are always below such a person.

Ugezu added, “Most times when you say nothing, you said a lot. Many of my sons, daughters, and friends are learning the sacred voice of silence. Silence has a golden voice.

That you are called out has not brought you out. You are out only when you are out. Remember, someone who is above you can never call you out. It must always come from people below you. Think.”