Family begins search for man who jumped into Lagoon

Olalekan Odunare
NNPC report

The family of a man identified as Olalekan Odunare, who jumped into a Lagoon located in the Epe area of Lagos, has begun the search for him.

A viral video seen by The Nation shows Olalekan sitting on the handrail of the Lagos Bridge, before jumping into the lagoon.

A voice in the 30-second video who was filming him, is heard asking Olalekan what was wrong with him, but he did not respond.

The Nation learnt Olalekan is said to be a holder of an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) certificate and a worker at Alaro City, a mega estate along the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Many social media users wondered why the person filming did not make an attempt to rescue rather make a video of him.

Usman, a brother to Odunare, told The Punch that the family has commenced a search for him.

He added that Odunare did not open up to anyone about facing a challenge.

“I don’t even understand the situation. He just wished to do that to himself.

“He used to be depressed once in a while, but at least he should have come out and spoken to someone,” he was quoted to have said.

“If there was anything bothering him, he should have talked but that was how he chose to live his life.

“It has not been easy for our mother, but she will get over it as time goes on.

“We have not seen his body; we are searching for his body and hoping he will float to the shore because the lagoon is deep and nobody can enter into it.”