Regina Daniels Husband, Ned Finally Speaks On Why His Marriage With Laila Ended

NNPC report

Ned Nwoko, the husband of actress Regina Daniels, has confirmed that his marriage to his Moroccan wife, Laila Charani, ended due to “irreconcilable differences stemming from conduct of Laila during her stay in the United Kingdom.

A statement from Nwoko’s media team via Instagram on Wednesday, December 8, denied rumours that the divorce was linked to the use of a local aphrodisiac called ‘Kayamata’, sold by Hauwa Mohammed, popularly known as Jaruma.

In the statement, Ned accused Laila of meeting with a man at a hotel during her vacation in London. The woman was also accused of abandoning their kids.

The statement also said that Laila contracted COVID-19 at a nightclub in London and had undergone plastic surgery without informing her husband.

“She did plastic surgery without informing her husband. She went to a nightclub and got coronavirus there. The neglect of the kids, violence on them, plastic surgery without knowledge of her husband, wayward lifestyle abroad, contact with a man, police case and involvement of a lawyer in London were the major concerns that Ned Nwoko found disturbing and unacceptable. In all the weighty allegations, her only defense was that someone ‘set her up’ She never explained who did and for what purpose. When she returned to Nigeria from the UK, Ned Nwoko refused to see her and instead asked her to leave, as he could not condone her indiscretions anymore.”