Venezuela decries detention of envoy by U.S.


The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela has decried the continuous detention of its Envoy, Alex Saab, by the United States government in complicity with the Cape Verdean authorities.

The Venezuelan government made this known in a statement made available to newsmen by its Ambassador in Nigeria, David Caraballo.

According to the Venezuelan government, Saab was arrested without due process, has been tortured and arbitrarily held as a prisoner for 491 days, a violation to his human right.

The Venezuelan government said the action has been condemned by the United Nations and several countries around the world, but Saab remained detained.

“This crime was condemned by the United Nations and various countries around the world.

“The information has been confirmed by the diplomat’s family members who were recently forbidden to enter the country

“As it is widely known, Alex Saab is a Permanent Representative of our government at the dialogue table being held in Mexico with the opposition, through the facilitation of the Kingdom of Norway.

“And the accompaniment of the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, therefore this crime is also an attack against the good development of the negotiations.

“The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela deplores this serious violation against the human rights of a Venezuelan citizen who is invested as a diplomat and a representative of our country to the world.

“This fact sets a dangerous precedent for International law.

“We hold the authorities of Cape Verde and the government of President Biden responsible for the life and physical integrity of Alex Saab.

“And as a sovereign nation, we shall reserve the actions we will take accordingly.”

The Venezuelan government expressed its gratitude for solidarity to notable people of Africa, Cape Verde, U.S and World Social Movements who have raised their voices in rejection of this crime.

The Venezuelan government stated that the struggle for the dignity of Saab, who is innocent and protected by International Law, shall continue and intensify.

Source: (NAN)


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