Buhari: Why stability of Libya matters to us


By Abdullahi Mohammed, Abuja
President Muhammadu Buhari Wednesday hosted His Excellency Mohammed Younis Menfi, Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya, stressing that a stable or unstable Libya has implications for countries in the Lake Chad Basin area, including Nigeria.

 “Republics of Chad, and Niger, have extensive borders with Libya, and they are our immediate neighbours. Whatever affects them affects us. The stability or instability of Libya will directly affect us,” he said. 

The President said security of Nigeria was number one priority to him, stressing that “unless a country or institution is secured, there’s no way you can efficiently manage it.” The President said he was happy that the Chairman of the Presidential Council of Libya could personally attend the Summit of Lake Chad Basin Commission held in Abuja on Tuesday, to discuss the situation in Chad, and the implications for security in neighbouring countries. In his remarks, Mohammed Younis Menfi said Libya was fast evolving, “and we now have one government, active on the ground. We are expelling the mercenaries, and unifying the instructions.” 

He said democratic elections would be held in due course, adding that the historical relationship between Libya and Nigeria in the areas of oil and agriculture meant that one country could not ignore the other. “We aspire for joint cooperation, and reactivation of previous agreements,” he said.