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Nigerian basketball player dies of heart attack in US




Basketball player Michael Ojo has passed away in hospital after suffering a heart attack.

Local media report the 27-year-old Nigerian-American collapsed during training in Belgrade, Serbia.

Ojo is said to have suffered the heart attack at the Partizan stadium, and was then transferred to the emergency centre where resuscitation was attempted.

He played in Serbia throughout his professional career, which began in 2017.

Ojo attended Florida State and as a senior player he averaged 4.9 points and 3.2 rebounds per game.

But instead of an NBA career, he would go on to sign a contract with Serbian side Kosarkaski klub FMP, commonly known as KK FMP.

After he year he would then move on to Crvena Zvezda, the major part of the Red Star multi-sports club who also have a football team.

Ojo, a center, was 7ft 1in tall and weighed 22st.

His shoes size was 21, so big Nike reportedly invested £11.5million in machine to create a shoe to properly fit him.

Last year he won the Serbian top tier, the Adriatic League title, with Zvezda.