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Saka siblings: Litmus test for Niger Assembly Speaker




By Ahmadu Salisu Kachalla

This write-up is directed to the Honourable Speaker, Niger State House of Assembly for obvious reasons. You are a lawyer whose professional calling is justice for all.

You are also from Suleja Emirate Council and know very well the existing political arrangement and you are an uncle to the Saka siblings whose mother is your direct sister and most importantly, the right of every citizen and community in Niger State is yours to protect.

With this, I feel comfortable to approach you with my appeal.

When the Governor took the decision to give your niece and nephew two sensitive positions, he was probably not aware of their relationship and the politics of Suleja.

May I remind you that, in Suleja there are always two sections, the Bakin Kasuwa(the so-called settlers and main Suleja) which was given two local governments by the Late Governor Kure, Abukwakwa for the so-called settlers and Sujela for the core Suleja indigenes.

Even though they are now merged again, the people in old Abukwakwa expect to benefit from whatever political gains on offer. Even though we have more than hundred wards as against the main Suleja with more than 35 wards, we are always content with the little political gains or left-over given to us.

For example, during the first APC tenure, Cikin-Gari has the followings; member, House Of Assembly, member State House of Assemby, commissioner representing Suleja in NSINEC, APC National Deputy Treasurer etc.

While the Baking Kasuwa or Abukwakwa had the remnants. I called it remnant because it was after a ruling against misconduct in office that the then chairman from core Suleja was asked to vacate his office and his deputy who is from the old Abukwakwa took over.

And another luck shone yet for the so-called settlers when much later in his tenure the Governor created three addition ministries and Bakin Kasuwa under Suleja Local Government got the slot.

Even though it was barely more than a year when the campaign for second tenure kicked off, the Bakin Kasuwa also worked tirelessly to make sure the Governor came back, but everything, I mean everything was taken away; the candidacy of the chairman and his vice is now back to core Suleja and also the commissioner was also taken back to core Suleja

It is important to note that most people in Cikin Gari are not happy with this arrangements where two Siblings, your niece and nephew are given two sensitive positions of commissioners.

Mr. Speaker Sir, I believe in you and know you won’t want to be remembered as accepting nepotism much more of practising it. We will wait to see whether you are with us or with your sister by asking your nephew to the the bow and go.

We are peaceful and we assure you and the Governor we will continue to be peaceful even if this injustice prevails but we must remind you that three years is not far from now and posterity is the best judge, Mr. Speaker.

On behalf of the Bakin Kasuwa or old Abukwakwa and indeed Suleja in general, I am wishing you a successful tenure.